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Raising start-up capabilities

The Project: Raising start-up capabilities and becoming investment ready

Dream Learners Ltd. is a start-up that produces animated early childhood education videos based on the UK school curriculum that has raised both an Angel round and Seed investment and is currently pitching for a Series-A investment round. Working with this client meant supporting them from early stage development to investment readiness and all which this process entails: Designing their business model, developing their route-to-market strategy, constructing their business plan, building their financial model and pitch deck and their MVP development as well as collecting and analysing early-stage customer feedback.

Impact: This work supported Dream Learner’s second Seed investment raise with the Founders Factory in London and has helped them bring their app to life which is now available for sale on the Apple store. With a clear strategy and plan the team is now free to execute on growing their business and expanding their product offering to increase customer acquisition and work their way to a successful Series-A raise.

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