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Francesca Pileggi

Francesca Pileggi Impact Collective Consultant for social enterprises

Expertise: Numbers’ geek and early stage venture growth expert. She gets excited when cracking what a venture needs from a quick look at their financial and performance reports!


Francesca’s background is in start-up support and growth, with a focus on Finance and Business Development. Her working approach with an impactful venture is to highlight its strengths to empower growth, while working with the team to overcome its weaknesses.

She has a deep understanding of social sector and venture needs; she supported a vast number of social enterprises to scale and raise investments and consulted large charitable organisations on how to improve their efficiency. She has recently set up her own ventures to support further social enterprises to grow. On an international base she has been working on a Inclusive Businesses development project in Egypt.

Francesca’s also a Resident Mentor for Cambridge University “Social Venture Weekend”.

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