The Impact Collective

Sasha Afanasieva

Expertise: Strategy, business analysis and financial modelling, particularly for early-stage impact ventures and projects, bringing complex early-stage projects to fruition using agile planning and collaboration.


Sasha is a social entrepreneur with a background in investment banking. She founded Blubel, an award-winning social enterprise, where she led the development of an innovative tech product from an idea to full market launch. She started her career in investment banking, where she analysed performance and advised early stage businesses on fundraising and strategy. She had the opportunity to work with a number of impact-led organisations. She was fascinated by the challenge of developing sustainable business models with impact at their core and was inspired to join On Purpose, a social enterprise leadership programme, where she received world-class training and mentoring. Since then, she has collaborated with a number of social ventures and charities, as a consultant and trustee, including helping organisations to refine their theory of change frameworks, improve impact measurement and strategy. Sasha holds an Economics and Management degree from the University of Oxford.

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