The Impact Collective

Gregor Bräunig

Expertise: With 6+ years of experience in Product & UX in different digital companies, Gregor knows how to implement new ideas. Besides being well-structured & detail-oriented, he is always seeking the “Why” and eager to solve real-world problems. His high level of empathy allows him to execute profound user research, but also create great team dynamics. Currently learning more about prototyping, in order to validate critical assumptions and get early user feedback.

Gregor spent 5 years in Berlin, where he learned the toolset of Product Management. 2019 was the beginning of his impact journey, when he participated in the On Purpose Program. After working for two different social startups, he took the chance to create an own impact idea regarding the Repurpose of e-waste and joined the Bosch Startup Harbour in 2020. In particular, he co-developed and implemented the organization’s strategy, and coordinated the first MVP of the service.

Even if the project was stopped end of 2020, he gained a lot of experience and insights into social entrepreneurship, which he uses until today in several freelance projects. In 2023 he joined the Impact Collective in order to combine forces and work on projects with big potential.

Gregor has a Master’s in Management and is Fluent in English and German, currently also learning French as he moved to France in 2022.

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