We help you create impact in remote locations

Are you an entrepreneur in a remote location looking for a support network?

Did you fall in love with a remote island, village, or town and want to create positive change there, but don’t know where to start?

Are you an impact business that wants to expand into a remote area?

The Impact Collective is now supporting social entrepreneurs, cause-driven organisations, and impact investors who wish to start a business, expand or invest in remote locations with our global community network of change-makers.

After our successful projects in The UK, Egypt and in Bangladesh, our organisation is expanding its services to help grow impact and grow a community of impact-makers in other locations with less access to business development opportunities and support.

Many remote places have great potential to become incredible impact hubs; however, both local and international entrepreneurs or companies wishing to implement their ideas in such locations struggle with investment, bureaucracy & local legislation, networking & connecting to the right people, just to name a few.

What makes a location remote?

Remote places are more isolated communities located away from highly populated settlements and urban areas. These can be islands, villages, or disconnected cities.

We are currently cooperating with projects in Madeira Island, Portugal and Tursi, Italy, for example.

What support can The Impact Collective offer me as an entrepreneur?

You know how much your business idea could positively impact a specific group, community, environment, or cause in a remote location, but can’t seem to find the tools, knowledge, people, solutions, or support to make it work.

Our multidisciplinary team is here to address your struggles and help you by:

  • assisting in business development and expansion to international markets;
  • expanding your network by locating providers and partners to help meet goals;
  • finding financial investment and additional seed money; 
  • identifying and applying for funding opportunities;
  • identifying obstacles to growth or efficiency;
  • ‌determining what changes are needed and assisting in their implementation;
  • providing any necessary training and resources to staff and leadership;
  • brainstorming ideas to improve the business.

I want to become your partner

Are you an impact investor, a governmental organisation, or perhaps a business or entrepreneur who could add value and benefit from our global remote impact network?

Reach out and we will find the best way to cooperate.

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