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Change Adoption Project

The project: “Change Adoption Project” – Global adoption of a new HR software (Salesforce) for VSO.

After a year of implementation, the new HR software was being sparsely used in VSO’s offices globally and therefore not allowing upper management to have an accurate overview of the company’s performance. The project took into consideration the offices’ previous modes of working and understanding what was causing the resistance to adoption. Working with all levels of stakeholders and liaising between HR and IT, a project plan was developed to get everyone on board. The project included in-country training, 1-on-1 support, creating effective training material online, IT development and upgrades, and getting upper management to support and monitor the progress of adoption.

Impact: Within 6 months, the global adoption of Salesforce led to the creation of reports and dashboards which provided insight for M&E purposes and helped determine more accurate supply/demand information of volunteers and employees in each region. It allowed employees to do their work more efficiently and effectively by using tools that made their jobs easier and be more aligned to the organisation’s mission and goals.

“I love Salesforce too! So much better than we had before and it’s shared with all members of the organisation! Could not ask for more!” – Sophie Paradis, HR, VSO

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