The Impact Collective

Tania Han

Expertise:  A competitiveness balanced with empathy that helps her connect meaningfully with people from all backgrounds and get things done.


Tania is a strategy and management consultant with over 15 years of experience in the corporate, public, civil society and startup sectors, where she co-designs solutions to improve organisational effectiveness and leadership capability. Her journey has taken her to Australia, the UK, India and New Zealand, which equips her with a deep awareness of identity, culture and inclusion.

More recently, Tania has been working with social enterprises and third sector organisations on improving impact management practice, and with social businesses scaling their growth through crowdfunding and other non-conventional channels. Over the years, Tania has also advocated for climate action, youth social mobility and place-based community building projects. Tania brings a collaborative, people-centric and systems thinking approach to her work.

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