The Impact Collective

Helping TLS to measure, enhance and communicate its impact

Our client: Thurrock Lifestyle Solutions, an Essex-based community interest company that helps disabled people to become more independent.
Duration: 12 months
Final beneficiaries: Disabled people in Thurrock

The challenge

Senior managers at Thurrock Lifestyle Solutions (TLS) knew anecdotally their services were changing some people’s lives hugely, but they had no systematic way of capturing what change was being made. Staff were filling out paper reports every six months, but these were not always reviewed. TLS wanted help with both measuring/evaluating impact, and communicating it internally and externally.

Our solution

The Impact Collective worked with TLS to plan a solution in three stages: first, reviewing available data and creating systems/processes to improve how it is collected, including a metrics dashboard; second, developing a theory of change, together with TLS, to help clarify what staff should be doing and why.

The result

A dialogue with teams and users about what was meaningful to measure, numerous measures which had been collected historically but weren’t useful were mothballed and a metrics dashboard with new useful measures to improve client experience and outcome were introduced. A user-friendly Theory of Change was also created that clearly visualises the impact the organisation is looking to achieve and a recommendation report outlined key next steps to continue developing impact.

TLS’s leadership team now has a much clearer understanding of their impact and staff are clearer on their part in helping to track/deliver that. This renewed engagement with staff on the vision and mission of the organisation.

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