Helping young people to succeed in the UK job market

Our client: The Challenge, was a national social integration charity, working with the UK’s Department for Education Duration: 4 months (April–July 2018) Our end customer: UK students aged 16-23 following the soon to be introduced technical education courses (“T Levels”) Creating an ecosystem to build a highly skilled technical workforce in the UK The Government is reforming […]

Francesca Pileggi

Francesca Pileggi Impact Collective Consultant for social enterprises

Expertise: Numbers’ geek and early stage venture growth expert. She gets excited when cracking what a venture needs from a quick look at their financial and performance reports!   Francesca’s background is in start-up support and growth, with a focus on Finance and Business Development. Her working approach with an impactful venture is to highlight […]

Seigo Robinson

Expertise: Solving tough challenges by questioning assumptions to uncover new information and develop deep insights.   Seigo has worked as a strategy consultant in London, New York and the Middle East across various sectors including energy, industrials and healthcare. His work has ranged from performing a feasibility study of a sovereign wealth fund for a […]

Anna Patton

Expertise: Transforming dense, complex information into stories that inform and inspire. Connecting people and ideas across sectors. Anna is a writer, editor and media trainer – skills that she has put to work in diverse roles from business development to documentary film to youth work.  Since 2007 she has been immersed in the nonprofit, international […]

Abi Childs

Expertise: Bringing together multiple stakeholders with competing interests to build strategies that matter for real people and create change in small actionable steps Abi has extensive leadership and project management experience in both private and third sector organisations. She began her career in private equity and real estate investment and worked internationally in Switzerland and […]

Sara Cocomazzi

Expertise: Helping organisations improve the planning and delivery of stakeholder engagement, social impact and translate complex data into digestible visual communications. Sara has a broad business and social background having worked in the public and private sectors across Italy and the UK. Sara has experience working on projects for the NHS delivering transformational change and innovation to […]

Nadia Laabs

Expertise: Developing business plans for organisations and finding innovative alternatives with actionable solutions to the challenges they are trying to tackle. Nadia has experience in increasing efficiency, sustainability, and business growth of mission­-driven organisations in both the private and public sector. She started her career as an engineer at Procter & Gamble working in consumer research and […]

Rahul Agarwal

Expertise: Helping organisations diagnose problems systematically with analytical accuracy and designing and delivering robust and innovative solutions.   Rahul has over six years of management consulting experience in public and third sectors. He started his career in Advisory at EY where he worked on a diverse mixture of performance improvement projects for Central Government, the […]

Leadership of the Future – supply chain sustainability

The project: “Leadership of the Future” – mobilising Marks and Spencer’s food suppliers to take action on sustainability. Based in the Foods Plan A team, this project included the design and project management of a strategic future trends event, working closely with senior leaders in the food business. To support content development, a series of sustainability films were produced, […]

Change Adoption Project

The project: “Change Adoption Project” – Global adoption of a new HR software (Salesforce) for VSO. After a year of implementation, the new HR software was being sparsely used in VSO’s offices globally and therefore not allowing upper management to have an accurate overview of the company’s performance. The project took into consideration the offices’ […]