Gerard Grattan (Gerry)

Expertise: Strengthening an organisation’s ability to deliver the basics while generating space and energy for rapid improvement and innovation.   Gerry brings expertise in strategy development, continuous improvement, change management and digital transformation. Over the course of 18 years he led improvement and transformation programmes for Royal Dutch Shell around the globe in areas such as […]

Chris Blues

Expertise: Understanding the context of complex interactions. Simplifying, catalysing change and moving an idea into something tangible and exciting.   Chris has a background in consulting and finance, having worked at Ernst & Young on a range of projects across the financial services sector. He initially specialised in providing performance improvement, assurance and anti-money laundering […]

Nadia Laabs

Expertise: Developing business plans for organisations and finding innovative alternatives with actionable solutions to the challenges they are trying to tackle. Nadia has experience in increasing efficiency, sustainability, and business growth of mission­-driven organisations in both the private and public sector. She started her career as an engineer at Procter & Gamble working in consumer research and […]

Rahul Agarwal

Expertise: Helping organisations diagnose problems systematically with analytical accuracy and designing and delivering robust and innovative solutions.   Rahul has over six years of management consulting experience in public and third sectors. He started his career in Advisory at EY where he worked on a diverse mixture of performance improvement projects for Central Government, the […]