Sasha Afanasieva

Expertise: Strategy, business analysis and financial modelling, particularly for early-stage impact ventures and projects, bringing complex early-stage projects to fruition using agile planning and collaboration.   Sasha is a social entrepreneur with a background in investment banking. She founded Blubel, an award-winning social enterprise, where she led the development of an innovative tech product from an […]

Tania Han

Expertise:  A competitiveness balanced with empathy that helps her connect meaningfully with people from all backgrounds and get things done.   Tania is a strategy and management consultant with over 15 years of experience in the corporate, public, civil society and startup sectors, where she co-designs solutions to improve organisational effectiveness and leadership capability. Her […]

Seigo Robinson

Expertise: Solving tough challenges by questioning assumptions to uncover new information and develop deep insights.   Seigo has worked as a strategy consultant in London, New York and the Middle East across various sectors including energy, industrials and healthcare. His work has ranged from performing a feasibility study of a sovereign wealth fund for a […]

Abi Childs

Expertise: Bringing together multiple stakeholders with competing interests to build strategies that matter for real people and create change in small actionable steps Abi has extensive leadership and project management experience in both private and third sector organisations. She began her career in private equity and real estate investment and worked internationally in Switzerland and […]

Nadia Laabs

Expertise: Developing business plans for organisations and finding innovative alternatives with actionable solutions to the challenges they are trying to tackle. Nadia has experience in increasing efficiency, sustainability, and business growth of mission­-driven organisations in both the private and public sector. She started her career as an engineer at Procter & Gamble working in consumer research and […]